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One of the absolute best things you can do for your dog is to help make the care necessary for his health and well-being as stress free and familiar as possible.  We provide a virtual titling program that will help you organize and assess your dog’s readiness and comfort for grooming procedures and veterinary care. 


We offer you structure and support as you work to enhance your dog’s comfort and well-being. Take a look around our site to see what we have to offer!

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Each level increases the challenge and complexity of exercises





…to prepare you and your dog for real life husbandry challenges!


Vet visits and grooming sessions can be stressful and anxiety provoking for both you and your dog. Being handled and examined by strangers, and undergoing possibly unpleasant procedures, requires preparation and practice. 

The CCC program helps your dog learn to participate in and tolerate (or even enjoy!) the most common vet and grooming procedures. By developing trust, clear communication, and a strong reinforcement history, your dog will become comfortable doing nearly anything you ask!

CCC is a

Video Titling



Video titling allows you to review your submissions before paying a fee — so be sure to watch your own video and carefully review it against the rules!

Submissions are reviewed and scored by a judge who will provide feedback on your submission, as well as determine whether the video is a “pass” or a “not yet.”

Level 1-3 Compilation Video

CCC Titles

Cooperative Care training is built on a foundation of positive reinforcement and trust. 

The certificate program is designed with 10 exercises across 3 levels of increasing complexity and difficulty. 

The overall goal of the Cooperative Care Certificate is to provide your dog with a comprehensive foundation of experience and comfort with grooming and veterinary procedures. 

The 10 exercises have been chosen to cover the most common and necessary husbandry skills. 

Level 1

At Level 1 the exercises are designed to highlight the very beginning stages of understanding the cooperative work between the dog and trainer. At this level we want to see that the dog can happily participate in these fundamental training steps for each exercise.  

Level 2

At Level 2 the exercises are designed to increase your dog’s tolerance for more duration and/or intensity within the exercises.  We are still working towards developing your dog’s feelings of comfort and increasing his desire to participate in the process. 

Level 3

At Level 3 the exercises will allow you to demonstrate your consistent effort and commitment to husbandry work. To show proficiency at Level 3 the exercises require mastery of the basic skills and clear cooperative effort between you and your dog throughout the process. 

Level 4

At Level 4 the exercises will allow you to demonstrate your ability to combine and build on foundation skills for added challenge and complexity. The skills required for success at this level will help your dog become comfortable and confident with a variety of real life veterinary and grooming procedures.

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