Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

general rules & Information for all levels

Do you have a minimum and a maximum age for a dog to compete?
6 months minimum; there is no maximum age.
How long will it take to train for each level?

Time will vary depending on the foundations you have already trained. 

Do I need to join a membership organization?

No, however you must register your dog with the Fenzi TEAM titling program.  You can do that here.

My dog is trained past the first level. Can I enter at a higher level?
No – each level must be completed in order to be eligible for the next level.
Will I need special equipment?

The required equipment is listed for each exercise at each level. These are fairly common dog husbandry items and it is likely that you already have some of these objects. Please see our “Equipment and Props” page for more assistance.

Can my friend hold the video camera or is a tripod required?
You have options!  Do what works best for you.
Is there a minimum space (square footage) required?

No.  Just make sure that the area clearly allows the judge to visualize all the important elements of each exercise.

Can I use praise or talk to my dog during the test?

Yes, quiet praise and encouragement is acceptable. Constant cheerleading suggests that your dog may not be quite ready to complete an exercise. Exceptions may be listed in individual exercises.

Can I use food or toys to reward my dog during the test?

Yes, so long as all other criteria are met for that exercise.

However, keep in mind that rewards in the middle of exercises can actually distract some dogs from the task. Use your best judgement.

Do both my dog and I have to be fully visible at all times during the test?

It’s important to see all relevant parts of the dog and handler for each exercise. This will vary depending on individual exercises. 

Please see the rules for each level for more detail.


Can I wear a bait bag during the test?

Yes. You can store and provide food in any way that is convenient for you.

Can I use a mechanical clicker during the test?


Can I use a remote food dispenser (like a Treat and Train)?

Yes, you can.  

Can I hold food in my hand during the exercises?

Yes, but please remember that food can be more distracting than helpful for some exercises.

Can I hold food in my mouth?


Do I have to be a Fenzi student to compete in the TEAM CCC Program?

NO, but you do have to register with the Fenzi TEAM program. The Fenzi TEAM program is a separate organization from Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Everyone is welcome!

Can differently-abled dogs compete?

Definitely! Please contact us at to discuss possible modifications. 

However, please keep in mind that you can choose to omit up to three skills per level and still pass.

Can differently-abled handlers compete?

Yes; please contact us to discuss specific modifications as needed at

My dog has a short coat. Can my dog wear a jacket for warmth during the test?

Yes. Your dog can be “dressed” if that makes him or her more comfortable, however keep in mind we need to be able to see the relevant parts of  your dog’s body during the exam. 

Can I call you on the phone to discuss?
No – we don’t have a phone number.
Where are you located?

As an internet based company, we are everywhere.  Our judges are international. Our server is in the US. Our administrator is in Canada.

Can I compete if I live outside of the US?
Yes. There are no restrictions based on geography.
Where should I hold my hands and arms during the exercises?

The rules for each individual exercise will clarify anything specific you need to do with your hands and arms during the exercise.

Can I compete if I do not have access to YouTube?

No – you’ll need to find access to YouTube in order to submit videos.  We do not allow Vimeo or other platforms because these videos cannot be read on all devices.

Where can I learn more about training the exercises in the levels?

You have options!
You can take classes at FDSA.
You can watch YouTube videos – all of the skills will be covered somewhere!
You can follow Deb Jones’ blog.
You can find a local instructor to help you.

See our “Keep Learning” Page for more resources.

Judging & scoring

Who are your judges?

Our judges are all individuals who have demonstrated they can successfully complete all levels of the CCC Program, and who are dedicated to best practices in the field of Cooperative Care. 

How will judges be selected for each video?
Videos will be assigned according to workload, but in a random fashion.
Will I know which judge I have been assigned?
No. Judging will be anonymous.
How long does it take to get my video judged and receive the results?

On average about 5-7 days. Occasionally it may take up to two weeks.

Do you score the performances?
No, our system is pass/not yet!
Will I receive feedback on my video?

Yes! In particular, if an exercise is not passing the judge will provide you with helpful comments that you can incorporate into your future video submissions.

I submitted a video that is not quite there yet. Will I receive a chance to re-submit without an additional fee?

No.  Please review criteria for each skill and level carefully BEFORE submitting. Only submit videos that meet criteria so that you will earn a passing score! Each video submission is judged; that is what the fee covers.  If you choose to submit a new video, you will also submit another entry fee.

Can I appeal a non-qualifying attempt?
No. Videos are scored carefully using clear criteria for passing/not yet! designations.
How many times may I attempt a level?
As many times as you wish but please – save yourself money and all of us some heartbreak – don’t submit non-qualifying videos!
If I pass may I submit another video and attempt to pass multiple times?

No. There is only one pass per title. In order to ensure that we can review as many videos as possible, only submit a video when you have a passing evaluation. Then train for the next level!

What are the criteria for passing a level?

Our program is designed to encourage consent and cooperation in husbandry behaviors. All exercises in all levels must be performed correctly and according to criteria.  Three non-qualifying exercises per submission are allowed. (Please see the General FAQs for information regarding dogs and handlers who are differently-abled.)  Criteria are stated in the detailed exercise pages for each level.  

In addition to meeting the stated criteria for each exercise, we’re looking to make sure your dog seems comfortable with the exercises; the end goal of the program is dogs who are relaxed and feel safe during husbandry work.


What if it’s so close the judge can’t decide?

When it comes to criteria, we try to be as black and white as possible but realistically, that won’t always happen.  Because we recognize that criteria can be hard to judge, we allow  handlers to opt out or “not yet” on up to three exercises per level. 

So if you get three (or fewer) “not yets” and everything else is a clear pass, then you’ll earn your title! If you have more than three “not yets,” then your video will be judged overall as “not yet” for the title.

I want to do an exercise differently than the sample video demonstrates, and I’m not sure from the written description if it’s ok. What should I do?

When in doubt, don’t make the judge think!  If you follow the sample video, then you will know that you have performed correctly according to the spirit intended for that exercise.  Each judge will decide for him or herself if an exercise is correct and meets passing criteria.  The exception is a legitimate reason for being unable to do the exercise as demonstrated in the video.  For example, the handler has a specific disability which needs to be accommodated.  In that instance, please contact us in advance for an acceptable alternative arrangement.

Is it possible to fall short on an exercise even if that specific error is not mentioned in the “non-qualifiers” description?

Yes!  There is no way that we can specify all of the reasons why a dog might fail an exercise, so we list the ones that are most common. Focus on performing each exercise as described in the written section and according to the sample video.

Titling with TEAM CCC

Do you offer certificates for titles?

After submitting a passing video, you will earn a title for that level.  A printable certificate in .pdf format will be emailed to you acknowledging your accomplishment.

Will my dog’s registered name or call name be listed on the certificate?
Both will be listed; the call name will be in quotation marks.
Can I add a TEAM CCC title to my dog’s registered name? What would that look like?

Yes, you can. If you qualify, you may add “CCC” (with the correct level number) after your dog’s name. For example, “Brito CCC1, CCC2.”

Can I search your database to see who has earned titles?

Yes, if the dog’s guardian has opted to include his or her name in the open search function.

Competition submission information

How do I earn a title?

Register your dog, study the requirements for the first level title (TEAM CCC 1), and start training!  When you feel that your dog is fluent and comfortable on all of the exercises required for a level, set up the video camera so that a judge can clearly judge your performance, and take your video!

Levels 1–3: (CCC1, 2, and 3)

All three levels were designed to test important husbandry skills. Dogs that can demonstrate these core skills will be in an excellent position to participate in their grooming and veterinary care. Details for Levels 1, 2 and 3 may be found on the individual level pages.  All levels may be completed in the same, familiar location. Once each level is completed, the title “CCC1,” “CCC2” and “CCC3” may be added after your dog’s name.


How do I submit a video?

Upload your video to YouTube, then include a link to your video with your submission. If you’re unsure of how to upload a video to YouTube, please search Google for assistance or visit the YouTube website. We cannot provide technical assistance on how to use YouTube.

How long should the video be?

An average video should be about 3-5 minutes, depending on how you choose to set up your testing area and how quickly your dog works through the tests. 

Must I perform the exercises in the order as listed on the level rules page?

Yes.  The exercises must be done in order, one after the other, performed correctly on the first attempt because you are allowed to edit together your video. 

Can I do each exercise separately and edit the video together?

Yes. However the submitted video must show the exercises in order, and since editing is allowed we ask that you do not include multiple attempts at each exercise within the video. 

If you find that you need to attempt the test several times, or edit excessively, then your dog may not be ready! Go back to training, and fill in any gaps that you find!

Can I use an assistant to help me place objects and take them away?
Yes, unless instructed otherwise for your specific level.
I’m not good at counting. What happens if I’m supposed to keep my dog in a position for a given period of time, say two seconds, and it’s really only one?

We would suggest that you err on the longer side if you are unsure. For example, if we require a three second hold, consider going for four seconds instead.

Which hand/arm positions are allowed while the dog performs the exercises?

Please see the specific exercises for details on hard/arm positions.

Do you have sample videos that will help me perform each level and exercise correctly?

Yes.  We have provided video examples of each exercise, including variations where appropriate. You can find those by selecting the level that you are interested in, and then scrolling down to the specific exercise.  From there you will find a sample video.

Will my videos be made public?
When you register your dog for a competition, we will ask you if we may use your video for promotional or training purposes. It will be your choice.
Do I need other people to train with or to create test videos?

No. You can train and videotape your tests alone. 

How do I ask questions about each level?

Please take the time to read all of these FAQs and the criteria for each level with care. Your questions are extremely likely to be covered in one of those places. If you cannot find the answers, then the next best option is to join the Cooperative Care with Deb Jones Facebook group, where other experienced participants can guide you.

Registration & payment information

How do I register my dog?
Follow this link and read the directions. Registration is easy!
If I have multiple dogs, can I receive a registration discount?
What do I need to do to compete for Fenzi TEAM CCC titles?

1. Register your dog here
2. Train your dog to criteria!
3. After you receive registration confirmation and a registration number, you’re ready to go! Submit your trial application using the link provided in your dog’s profile.
4. Your video will be assigned to one of our judges for review. You should be notified by email within one to two weeks about whether you have passed or if you need more training.

Can I pay by check?
No. Our payment system is fully automated and requires either a credit or a debit card.
What is the cost to register a dog?

$20 per dog. Once your dog is registered, you will receive an email with the registration number. Please take the time to spell your dog’s name and your personal information with care!

Does the dog’s registration ever expire?
No.  It is a lifetime registration.
What is the cost to enter a video?

$29 per video submission.

If you have read through all of the FAQ pages and you still have a question, please send your inquiry to: We’ll consider adding it to the FAQ!

You also will find a good deal of support and information from your fellow TEAM CCC players; join the Facebook group here!