CCC Equipment & Props

People often ask what specific equipment I use or recommend for Cooperative Care work. I have compiled this list with links to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Please note that these specific tools are NOT necessary to train for or pass the Cooperative Care levels; they are simply things that I have found make the work easier. You are free to use whatever reasonable substitutes you choose.

*Please note that several of these are affiliate links, meaning that I do get a very small payment if you buy these items by going through my links. I appreciate the support.

Nail Clippers

My favorites are the red handled Miller’s Forge clippers. While these are small and you might think larger dogs need larger clippers, that is not true at all.

We should be cutting the nails at an angle in small slices to avoid hitting the quick, and these clippers work perfectly for that.

They are also relatively cheap, which means that you can, and should, replace them often. Having very sharp blades makes the cuts smooth and easy. Dull blades put too much pressure on the nail and crush it. So either sharpen or replace these regularly.

Nail Grinder

My absolute favorite nail grinder is the Dremel Micro 8050. I like the size and weight of it.

I also LOVE the light, which makes it very easy to more clearly see what you’re doing.

It has great power that can be set to different levels. And finally, being cordless means you can use it anywhere.

Diamond Head for Grinders

If you want to upgrade your nail grinder I would highly recommend one of the diamond head bits from Diamagroove.

They have two basic models, the Pinnacle and the Boxer. You can replace the standard sanding band with one of these bits. I LOVE my Diamagroove Pinnacle! It makes grinding nails like cutting through butter. And they don’t catch and pull your dog’s fur, or your own hair!

They are expensive for sure. But you should only ever have to buy one.

Pet Tutor

This is one of my favorite pieces of training equipment! Yes, it is expensive, but the cheaper substitutes are simply nowhere near the quality and value.

Honestly, you don’t NEED a Pet Tutor for your Cooperative Care training, but they sure do make lots of procedures easier.

Having an external focus for your dog and a place where treats can be automatically delivered is a huge help with some of this work.

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Klimb Table

It is often easier to perform Cooperative Care procedures on an elevated stable surface. I have found that the Klimb table is a good option for that purpose.

As with the Pet Tutor it is expensive and not absolutely necessary, but it’s a good choice if you are so inclined. They are quite sturdy. I like how easily the legs can be attached or removed, which makes it easy for moving and storage. My two now live double stacked in the dining room and serve as a cat condo when not in use for husbandry work!

I like to cover mine with a non-slip surface such as a thin bathroom rug. Several folks also sell homemade covers on Etsy.

Doctor Kits

There are many options if you search “doctor kit for kids” on Amazon.

Veterinary Kits

The same is true for “veterinarian kits for kids”; many options.


I use 10ml empty syringes without needles to practice giving oral meds and injections.

Gelatin Capsules

I use empty gelatin capsules in size 4 to practice pill taking behavior. 


Still trying to wrap your head around how it all works?

There are SO MANY types and styles of muzzles available and there is definitely no “one size fits all” or even “one size fits most” option. 

There are a large number of variables that go into finding a muzzle that is a proper, comfortable fit for your dog.

For more information on choosing and fitting muzzles, the Muzzle Up Project is a good resource.  There is a ton of good information here on muzzle options, fitting, and training.

Baskerville Brand

The best overall low cost option I have seen is the Baskerville brand, from Company of Animals.


The top of the line, best custom made option I have seen is the Bumas brand. If you have the money to spend and want a perfect fit that will last a long time then this is a great option, and they have all the coolest color combinations!