Thanks for your interest in cooperative care!

Cooperative Care can help your dog become more comfortable with veterinary exams, ear cleaning, nail trims, and much more!

There’s a LOT you can do to help reduce fear and anxiety during vet visits using our fun and effective methods.

The more you train ahead of time the better and we truly believe Cooperative Care training is the best gift you can give your dog.

Vet looking to download our brochure?

Feel free to download and hand out as many copies as you’d like!

Resources for learning about Cooperative Care

Cooperative care book

Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandery, written by Deb Jones. Available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Cooperative care youtube channel

 Check out the70+ youtube videos available for free on various aspects of cooperative care! 

Cooperative care Facebook group

Join us in a positive community to learn, share, and get feedback as you train for your TEAM CCC Titles! 

CCC Veterinary Brochure

We created our CCC veterinary brochure to help bring Cooperative Care to as many pet owners as possible.

Please feel free to download as many copies as you’d like to hand out to clients, colleagues, and veterinary professionals!