Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level


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Competition Submission

An average video should be about 3-5 minutes. Maximum length of video is stated for each level. The exercises must be included in order, one after the other, and should be performed correctly on the first shown attempt since you are allowed to edit your videos. You are welcome to use a tripod, stand, or assistant to videotape the exercises for your run.

We have provided video examples of each exercise, including variations where appropriate. You can find those by selecting the level you are interested in, and then scroll down to the specific exercise.

That said, if you find that you need to attempt the exercises several times, then your dog may not be ready! Go back to training, and fill in any gaps that you find!

Duration Exercises and Between Exercises

For exercises that require a specific duration of time, we suggest you err on the longer side if you are unsure. For example, if we require a two-second hold, consider going for three seconds instead.

Setting Up Your Location & On-Camera Area

Each level offers sample passing videos. Take note of where the equipment, camera, dog and handler are located throughout each exercise. If you set up a similar plan, you will find that your camera will capture what the judges need to see. You are not required to set up according to the sample.

It is your choice whether you would like to leave your props out for the entire video, or if you’d prefer to pick up objects and only bring them out when they are in use. Our sample video is just that — a sample. As long as you go in order, maintain reasonable speed and flow, and the judges can adequately see what they need to for each exercise, alternatives are fine. At the higher levels, you will be told if equipment must remain down during the entire test.

Please be sure to turn off any music or background noise that may be distracting for the judge or impede their ability to hear you or your dog during the exercises. You should also be aware of your video angle and the lighting in your space — if the light is behind you and your dog, then it may cause a silhouette, making it so the judge can’t accurately judge your video. Instead, aim for lighting that is behind the camera, or off to the side in such a way that it properly lights the area without casting odd shadows or silhouettes. Also, be sure to check that you are not accidentally blocking the procedure.

If necessary, or if in doubt, take a few extra seconds in your video to clearly show the judge your tools or set up (such as when you’re required to use a wet cotton ball) so that it is clear you have followed the testing directions properly.

Submitting Your Video

Upload your video to YouTube. You will submit a link to your video on your submission form. If you’re unsure of how to upload a video to YouTube, please search Google for assistance or visit the YouTube website. We cannot provide technical assistance on how to use YouTube.

  1. In order to submit a run, you will need to first sign up for a TEAM user account. You can do that here. Once you’ve created your account, you will need to login and register your dog (registration cost is $20/dog).
  2. Once you have registered your dog, your dashboard will show a button titled “Show My Dogs.” Clicking on this will display a list of the dogs you have currently registered with TEAM.
  3. To the right of each dog is a button that reads “Show Info/Submit Video.” Click the button to the right of the dog for which you would like to submit a video run.
  4. Click “New Video Submission” and fill out the form. Each video submission is $29/run. On average, it takes 5-7 days to receive your results; however, occasionally, it may take up to two weeks.