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Exercise 4-9: Eye Exam


With the dog’s head steadied, use a tool or prop to shine a light into each eye, and visually inspect each eye, for 3 seconds.


The purpose of this exercise is to prepare the dog for eye exams at the vet. They are part of a routine checkup, and may also be needed if the dog has a suspected eye infection or injury.


Treats. A tool with light.

Exercise set up

The dog may be sitting or standing. A chin rest may be used to steady the dog’s head, if desired. The handler will then use a tool to shine a light into each eye and visually inspect each one for a minimum of 3 seconds.


In order to pass this exercise, the dog must willingly allow the handler to use a tool to shine a light and visually inspect each eye for 3 seconds.


The dog repeatedly moves his head away from the handler. The dog does not hold still. The handler does not shine a light and inspect each eye for at least 3 seconds. 


Any time you use a new tool with your dog, especially when it is in close proximity to their head, give them time to inspect the tool and get comfortable with it first, before using it as part of an exercise.


Video example:

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Additional Level 4, Exercise 9