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Exercise 4-3: Restraint in Middle Position

The dog will move into middle position, either sitting or standing between the handler’s legs, or sitting in front of the handler’s legs. The trainer places one hand under the dog’s chin and may elevate the chin slightly if desired. They will then use the other hand to rub up and down the dog’s throat and chest for 3 seconds. The exercise is completed after the handler rubs the chest and throat area for 3 seconds.

The exercise begins when the dog is in middle position and the handler begins rubbing their hand up and down the throat and chest area.

Purpose: This exercise prepares the dog for the type of restraint needed to perform jugular venipuncture. It can also be helpful for examining any area of the neck or chest of the dog.

Equipment: Treats.

Exercise set-up: The handler can be standing or sitting. The dog should be between the handler’s legs facing forwards, or sitting in front of the handler’s legs, facing forwards.

Scoring: To pass this exercise the dog should easily be cued or lured into position and stay in the middle position for the duration of the exercise. The dog should willingly accept the handler running their hand over their throat and chest for 3 seconds.

Non qualifiers: The dog does not willingly go into position. The dog does not accept the handler running their hand over their throat and chest. The handler does not run their hand over the throat and chest for at least 3 seconds. The dog continually tries to move out of position.

Tips: Be mindful of the flooring you choose to do this exercise on. When the dog is sitting and their head is elevated, it is easier for their front feet to start to slide out from under them. Choose a floor that has more grip so the dog can feel comfortable and safe in this position


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