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Exercise 4-7: Wrap One Front and Back Leg


The handler wraps one front leg and one back leg with vet wrap (at least 3 rotations of wrap on each leg) while the dog remains still.


There may be many reasons throughout a dog’s life where they will need to have their legs wrapped, such as emergency first aid or to keep the dog from licking after applying a topical medication. This exercise will help prepare the dog for this situation.


Treats. Vet wrap.

Exercise set up

The dog may either be lying on their side or standing. The dog should be still to allow the handler to wrap one front leg and one back leg with at least 3 rotations of wrap on each leg. The handler may be in any orientation to the dog. The legs can be wrapped in any order.


In order to pass this exercise, the dog must remain still while the handler wraps a front and back leg.


The dog repeatedly tries to pull his leg away from the handler. The dog will not remain still while the handler is wrapping the legs. The handler does not wrap both a front and a back leg. The handler does not complete 3 rotations of the wrap


Make sure the dog is comfortable with you handling and holding their leg in any position you choose for this exercise before trying to add in the use of vet wrap.


Video example:

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Additional Level 4, Exercise 7