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Exercise 4-5: Lift Your Feet


The dog may be in any comfortable position for this exercise. The handler lifts each foot and wipes it with a wet cloth or a baby wipe. The handler will then place the foot back down and repeat with the other 3 feet. Successful completion of this exercise requires all 4 feet.

Purpose: Handling and cleaning the dog’s paws will be an ongoing need throughout the dog’s life. This exercise can be beneficial for cleaning dirty paws or preparing for medicated wipes/cleaning for medical purposes.

Equipment:  Treats and wet cloth or baby wipes.

Exercise set-up: Your dog can be in any comfortable position and in any orientation to the handler. Positioning should allow you to easily lift each foot. You can encourage the dog to shift his weight or turn to make the exercise easier.

Scoring: In order to pass this exercise, your dog must allow you to pick up each foot and gently wipe it with a wet cloth or wipe.

Non-qualifiers: The dog repeatedly pulls his foot away while being handled. The handler must use excessive force to lift up or hold any of the dog’s feet. The handler fails to perform the exercise with each foot.

Tips: Your dog may have different levels of comfort with each foot being handled. Make sure to slowly build up to lifting and handling the foot. You could even think about creating a cue for each foot, so the dog knows exactly what foot you want to handle.  


Video example:

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Additional Level 4, Exercise 5