Official Rules & Exercise Descriptions for each Level


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Equipment & Props By Level

For all 3 levels

  1. Any muzzle that allows the dog to open his mouth in order to comfortably take a treat and pant is acceptable for these exercises. Baskerville brand is a good, reasonably priced option.
  2. Empty syringe.
  3. A child’s doctor or veterinarian kit will have lots of options for substitute tools.

For level 2

  1. Towel or pillow for chin rest to lap.

For levels 2 & 3

  1. Empty gelatin capsules, size 4 recommended.
  2. Clippers, grinder, or file for nails.
  3. Cotton balls or ear wipes.

For level 3

  1. Chair or stool of appropriate height for chin rest.
  2. Appropriately sized toothbrush.