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Exercise 4-8: Simulated Blood Draw


With the dog in a middle, front facing position, sitting or standing, the handler will simulate a blood draw with a needle-free syringe from the neck area, and hold for at least 3 seconds.


The purpose of this exercise is to prepare the dog for a jugular blood draw. Throughout the dog’s life a blood sample from this area may be required for various reasons.


Treats. An empty needle free syringe.

Exercise set up

With the dog in middle position (between the handler’s legs), facing forwards, sitting or standing, the handler will palpate the dog’s neck, and then perform a simulated blood draw with the syringe (no needle), and hold pressure with the syringe for a minimum of 3 seconds.

**Positioning for larger/small dogs may be adjusted as described in Exercise 3 (restraint).


In order to pass this exercise, the dog must remain still and in position while the handler simulates a jugular blood draw.


The dog repeatedly tries to move out of position. The dog is not in a proper position. The handler does not hold the syringe pressure for a minimum of 3 seconds.


Practice using a chin rest to your hand to elevate the dog’s head first.  This leaves your other hand free to palpate the neck and simulate the blood draw.



Video example:

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Additional Level 4, Exercise 8